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Santorini it the perfect place for romantic holidays

Published on February 13, 2016 by admin

Santorini is the precious pearl of the southern Aegean Sea and the most visited place for a romantic getaway in Greece.

Rising proudly from the cerulean waters, the eternal landmark continues to stand tall like a majestic chunk of layered cake. Since past couple of centuries, Santorini, with its multicolored cliffs, has been guarding the unknown mysteries of Atlantis. Santorini holidays offer you a brilliant opportunity to break away from the hustle-bustle of city life, and to spend some quality time with your loved one, in the lap of Mother Nature.
Brief History:

For several years, legendary poets have sung great praises of Thira, classically known as Thera (other names for Santorini) that possesses a 4,000-year old history. Soaring over 300m from an underwater volcanic caldera, the crescent-shaped Thira is a large island located approximately 200 km from the Greek mainland.

Aspronissi, Nea Kameni, Palea and Thirassia, the remaining islands of the magnificent archipelago curl around the main island. They came into existence due to an intensive, undersea volcanic activity. A series of eruptions and tremors caused the collapse of volcano into the sea and the fragmented island recreated itself after 20,000 years.
What Makes It The Most Sought After Wedding/ Honeymoon Destination?

There are not many places in the world where you can enjoy the crimson sunset from the white Cycladic houses while perched on the relics of an active volcano. The place has a growing status as a “romantic holiday destination for newlyweds”.

The pearl-like water droplets slipping off haggard cliffs, shiny icy cornices hanging down the terraced rocks, pure white snow lining the roofs of Santorini villas and the spectacular carroty glow of the rising sun will astound you.
 How To Reach Santorini:

Exchanging sweet promises and kisses beneath the sunset in Santorini, Greece, is a pleasurable experience for couples. The island is connected to rest of the world via Thira National Airport and two seaports: Skala and Athinios. Once you reach here, you can hire donkeys, bus services, cable cars and taxis for travelling around the city.
Major Tourist Attractions:

1) Archeological museum of Thira

The prehistoric mausoleum is situated near the cable-car station. It is divided into 4 sections- The first section covers historical background of the island, the second section refers to its geography, the third section consists of facts and finds from Neolithic to late Cycladic periods and the fourth section include rare exhibits from the relics of Akrotiri.

A few eye-catching exhibits that particularly stand out are the detailed clay statuettes of donkey, pig, ram and pretty birds, tall vases, clay oven, a bathing tub and the dazzling, gold ibex figurine. There are some fine-looking frescos like the “House of Ladies”. The architecture and content of the museum is quite strong; however, the building itself is in need of renovation.
2) The Remains of Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a picturesque historical village with a unique urban setting. It dates back to 4,500 BC, but an enormous volcanic eruption in 1,650 BC demolished the entire settlement. The town was buried under thick layers of ashes and lava, which kept it in an intact state for a long time. In 17th century BC, an earthquake of high intensity destroyed the well-preserved leftovers of Akrotiri.

Initially the site was closed down for tourists, but it was reopened in April 2012. Today, the Minoan town is a treat for history lovers. Archaeological findings reveal urban town planning, dense infrastructure, paved alleys and medium-size homes with one or two stories. Lavish town squares, grand storehouses and stunning frescos on walls depict a rich middle society overall.
3) Tiny Villages

We know Santorini for its serene panorama, attractive villages and quiet lifestyle. Perched on high cliffs facing the Aegean Sea, local villages offer an amazing view of sunset and the surrounding islets.

Fira, the capital of Santorini and Oia (pronounced as “Ia”) attract tourists from all over the world. These villages get busy during summers as they offer a pleasant view of volcanoes. Imerovigli is a part of Fira; however, it is perched on a higher cliff. It has a calm and peaceful aura around it, which makes it perfect for brief excursions and picnics.
4) Hot Springs and Therapeutic Spas

The yellow waters of hot springs in Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni have a unique therapeutic value. High quantity of sulfur in water increases its healing qualities. A small cove named Agios Nikolaos is the leading health source for tourists in this region. Several spas and health centers have sprouted near the said sources. The hot springs are a blessing in disguise for people, who do not wish to compromise on health.
5) Red Beach

Red Beach is situated a few steps away from Akrotiri. It is an easily accessible site for both travelers and the natives. You can ask local boatmen to bring you here from the ports.

A short visit to this place offers you an exceptional view of the red and black volcanic rocks jutting out from the headland. You can see a chain of colorful umbrellas covering the dark sand. In addition, there is plenty of space for sunbathing and beach games. If you are interested in snorkeling, you must explore the underwater rocks and reefs around the beach.

There are plenty of options for accommodations. You can hire hotel suites, villa, apartment or a beach house. Santorini apartments are synonymous with comfort, luxury and privacy. You can rent a lavish flat for you and your partner. Enjoy private candle light dinners, have takeaways from local eateries and snuggle on the master bed, after a long and tiring day of sightseeing.

If you do not mind company, you can book accommodations in some of the best Santorini hotels scattered all over the city. The beneficial aspect of hiring a hotel suite is you can access free Wi-Fi, Jacuzzis and complementary breakfasts. Additionally, there is a hospitable staff to guide and pamper you.

Those, who do not mind spending a couple of extra bucks for luxury, can rent a villa near Kamari, Oio, Asteras Beach, Firostefani, Pyrgos and Imerovigli. You can browse through the listings displayed on Greek.Villas to get great deals at affordable prices.
A Quick Checklist of Things you can Do

Do you yearn for a magical experience in Santorini? You can enjoy fashionable, pricey cuisine amidst classy setting of beachside restaurants like “Mario No 1” and “Koukoumavlos”. Creativity rules the backdrop, music is pleasant to the ears and they serve mouth-watering meat dishes like slow-cooked lamb and mousakas with flavored potato, mezedhes and a variety of sauces.

On your way to Kamari, you can stop by the heavily promoted Koutsoyannopoulos winery. It houses a traditional canava and an outlandish museum dedicated to winemaking.

Vaulted ceilings embellished with dark wood, smooth jazz, refreshing cocktails and private booths make Kira Thira the best place to hang out with friends. It is among the best and the oldest bars on the island.

Art lovers can quench their thirst for artwork at Leoni Atelier. This studio cum art gallery preserves the masterpieces of Leoni Schmiedel, an internationally acclaimed artist.

Yacht adventure is the best way to experience the beauty of Greek islands. You can book private yachts for small group tours. Sail aboard to click wonderful snapshots of marine jewels, check out seaside archaeological relics, enjoy the sunsets with a glass of refreshing Ouzo, wander through the villages and try ultimate seafood at tavernas.
Dramatic volcanoes, classic villages, ravishing coastlines, dramatic landscapes and lush greenery make Santorini, the perfect place to break away from our mundane city life. Pack your bags, catch a flight, pick a few hotspots and plan a rewarding island holiday. Hire a private villa at Greek.Villas for a memorable trip.

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